Wellness TV



Our Mission



Wellness . Healing . Growth



Wellness TV’s core mission is to:



Support Wellness (Health + Well-being)


Facilitate Healing + Transformation


Nurture Growth (Personal + Professional)






  Wellness . Healing . Growth



We achieve these goals by providing a number of different services, which we believe caters for those seeking healing, improved well-being, nurture, personal and professional growth, transformation and connection.  This includes the young, the mature, the creative, the nature lover, the holistic, the mystic, the nurturer, the juggler, the seeker, the learner and of course, the modern woman who simultaneously has it ‘all together’ and doesn’t…. because everyone at times needs a little nurture, support, a little nudge, a word of encouragement or inspiration along the way! 




Wellness TV offers a number of services such as our;




a) Multi-media Health and Well-being platform hosted by a number of diverse contributors, purposed to INFORM, EQUIP and INSPIRE, by bringing you a range of content on ‘All things health and wellness’. Feel free to browse through loads of free content on our ‘Watch’ and ‘Read’ tabs, view our Hubs through our homepage or if you want to access more, subscribe to enter our ‘Members Hubs’, view all our material and receive our promotional discount deals for coaching, workshops and retreats. You can also browse through our recommended ‘Favourites’ or purchase a range of Wellness products and resources that we sell and endorse in our online shop.



b) Coaching service delivered by our network of outstanding Wellness Coaches (located in Australia, NZ and Bali) who specialise in areas, of which they have the dynamic combination of both professional qualifications and experiential knowledge. With the wonderful ability to connect globally through online platforms such as skype, video messenger, facetime, zoom or whatsapp, this service is largely offered online and is a global service, catered to your convenience. We offer a range of structured coaching programs, tailor designed programs and e-coaching to meet your unique needs. A few of these programs (particularly the e-coaching programs) have the added bonus of providing you with workbooks, jam packed with useful tools and exercises to help you on your journey. 





c) Workshops and Retreats which caters for a range of needs such as being nurtured, pampered, facilitating healing and transformation, releasing creativity or learning specific tools through an experiential process, guided by experienced practitioners. These workshops cover a diverse range of topics and are delivered monthly via 1/2 day, full day, weekend workshops or retreats, which come ‘catered’ with exquisite, healthy food at various relaxing locations in North Brisbane, Gold Goast, Northern NSW and Sunshine Coast. Note, in 2019 we will be offering 3-7 day retreats at exotic locations within and outside Australia. Contact us if you would like us to deliver a custom designed retreat for your team or business or you can organise a group of friends and we can tailor design something specific to your needs. As we operate in a holistic model, additional support such as hands on healing, prophetic ‘readings’ and prayer are offered (at your request), for those who attend our retreats.






d) Support Groups which are specifically designed to provide ongoing support for all our coaching/workshop/retreat attendees. These are delivered monthly, face to face (in North Brisbane and soon to be launched in Pottsville). Note, in order to maximise support and remove financial barriers, these support groups are offered according to a voluntary donation.

*Also ongoing support is provided via online Facebook support groups, led by our facilitators. 







Our Philosophy



Promoting ‘All things Health and Wellness’


We take a wholistic and multi-layered perspective to health and wellness exploring the mind, body, soul/spirit dimensions of ones health to exploring other factors, including our lifestyles and environment. For example, our approach to ‘Beauty’ places an emphasis on nutrition with research reflecting the root to many skin conditions being dietary and lifestyle related. Also many health issues in our modern age are connected to emotional and mental stress, with emerging research drawing links between chronic health conditions, stress and even past trauma. Wellness TV therefore aims to present content, workshops and retreats covering a broad scope of areas, which cover many facets of Health and Wellness.



At the core of our approach to Health and Wellness is this philosophy of inter-connectivity. We believe that there are many dimensions to ‘Health and Wellness’ and that they’re not independent of each other but are interlinked. Health and wellness extends beyond the individual to our connection with each other, our sense of community, our connection to the land and nature and our connection to our global village. We explore food from the ground to the table, sustainable agriculture and eco-systems, ethical production and social responsibility because we believe this is all part of Health & Wellness.



At the heart of current discussions regarding happiness and well-being is the importance of Social Connection. Research findings in this field overwhelmingly suggest that having a supportive community has the biggest impact on both health and well-being. The ‘Harvard Study of Adult Development’ posits that it’s close relationships, rather then fame, money, genes, or IQ that keeps people happy and positively impacts on health. Unfortunately, people are becoming increasingly isolated and lonely regardless of the fact we’re becoming increasingly networked through the worldwide web. It is therefore our goal to move against the tide of  surface level connections, to foster ‘real connection’, positive support systems and a nurturing community.   



Increasingly we’re becoming more interconnected due to globalisation. We believe it’s important to recognise that not only are we part of a Global Village but that we have a social responsibility to ensure that, the pursuit of our own Health and Well-being isn’t at the expense of other communities Health and Well-being. Wellness Tv aims to be true to our ethos by being socially responsible, advocating sustainability, and ethical consumption, promoting brands, products and services that align with our philosophy. Also a percentage of all our programs and product sales goes towards supporting various grassroots community projects. In doing so, we as a Wellness community are sowing into ‘Health and Wellness’ in other communities, believing that being of service to others, as a life principle has proven health benefits that in turn, is good for our own well-being.  Here, Wellness TV endeavours to embody it’s message by facilitating wellness in both individuals and within communities and we are excited to feature this unfolding story, as we partner together on the path to all things Health and Wellness. 










Representing ‘Real Women’



Wellness TV makes no apologies for having a bias towards representing a predominantly female point of view. This allows us to provide a platform that gives value to the women’s narrative, their perspectives, their agendas and priorities but also to champion and honour women for doing what they’ve done well across time, regardless of their ethnicity and that is, nurturing our most vital resource- PEOPLE. There are many hidden voices that we actively support in making visible as we believe these narratives have much to contribute, not only in promoting wellness but in advocating for their communities and formulating solutions to topical issues in this present age. We also love galvanising women to a common cause or goals because we KNOW, together we are strong and together, we can come up with solutions that serves a range of our needs and desires. We do this by, cultivating a sense of ‘community’ by working collaboratively on mutual goals, co-creating programs, partnering with other businesses or projects and just simply… building meaningful and supportive relationships.




Representing ‘Real Life’ stories


Wellness Tv’s goal is to represent diverse perspectives from different generations, life stages and cultures but who’re united in sharing a common mission, to share their knowledge, insights and healing journeys to promote and inspire health and well-being. We actively engage in being part of the global village by having a diverse global team located in various parts of the world. We also actively promote indigenous voices, diverse cultural world views on health & well-being and we explore alternative models, systems and paradigms. Whilst we highly value the knowledge of specialists in their given fields, lived experience and diverse perspectives are equally given value as we believe the integration of these collective voices combine to create what we call a ‘collective wisdom’.




Representing ‘Real Tv’




Wellness Tv aims to move away from staged, scripted or professionalised video clips, being self-conscious and pre-occupied with branding. Our video clips are simple, brief and digestible, filmed in people’s homes and offices on a webcam with minimal accessories. Part of this approach is to live out our message in truth. Simplicity, ease and flexibility is a work culture, structure and model we aspire to…so if you hear a dog barking- it’s all just REAL tv.’








We are honoured to share our online platform with you as we partner together on this journey, promoting healing to humanity, our land and communities.






Luisa & the Wellness TV team xox







Disclaimer: Wellness Tv features a broad range of perspectives, advice and information and is not aimed at ‘treating’  any one individual, therefore you should seek professional advice, regarding any of your specific physical or mental issues/conditions/ailments. All information provided by experts, specialists and individuals on Wellness Tv are their own individual opinions, perceptions and biases and is not necessarily the views shared by Wellness Tv . Any information provided, (like all information)  is therefore subject to critique.