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Amelda Webster


Health Educator | BHSc Naturopathy Student | Business Owner & Mentor | Plant-Based Foodie




Amelda Webster is an ongoing contributor particularly to the Holistic and Lifestyle Hubs. She is an experienced educator, holding degrees in Arts and Business from Griffith University. After 20 years in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, vocational trainer and business owner, she is now undertaking a health science degree in Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Amelda currently works as a Health Educator at SAFE Health + Foods and is owner of Genki Health, an online platform, embracing plant-based nutrition and mindful, compassionate living.



“I was under a naturopath’s care from the age of two. I grew up following a strict diet in a health-conscious household but drifted away as an adult. After many years of constant ill-health, I returned to my roots and began seeing a naturopath. Changing my diet, introducing good quality supplementation and taking up a regular yoga practice helped turn my health around and led me onto my current path of natural medicine.


I believe in the healing power of food and take a holistic approach to wellness …Eat plants and hug animals. Spend more time in nature. Nourish your mind, move your body and nurture your spirit. ”




I look forward to this journey!





Amelda xx




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