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Amelia Warren is functional behavior analyst, a PhD candidate, and a researcher with a passion for neuroscience, electroencephalography, neurodevelopmental disorders, and functional socialisation. Although she sounds like a “mad scientist”, Amelia’s secondary passion lies in interpreting the science so busy people do not have to. In this way, the research is accessible, understandable, and most importantly, applicable to everyone’s lives.


As far as study goes, Amelia has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), a Master of Functional Behaviour Assessment (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and is almost done with a Neuroscience/Autism focused PhD. Her passion for high-standard and environmentally viable research has landed her a role in the research Centre for Autism Spectrum Disorder on the Gold Coast.This platform has enabled her to work alongside Education Queensland in designing and implementing a training series that equips educators in functional methods of remediating challenging behaviours of children with Autism. Moreover, Amelia works directly with parents and their children with autism to conduct functional behaviour assessments in the home and school environment, derive interventions, and apply these interventions to help remediate challenging behaviours. She believes that behaviour is a language, and all behaviour is trying to communicate a message; it is up to the individual to learn to understand and speak the language of another’s behaviour.


‘Too often behaviour is reprimanded when it should be recognised. What the behaviour is trying to say is its purpose or function., and interventions derived from this are ones that produce meaningful lasting changes.’


The passion for teaching and equipping individuals in real-life applicable science has led Amelia to several speaking and teaching roles, as well publishing articles relating to anxiety, depression, and school based functional behaviour assessment in several peer-reviewed journals. The avid within Amelia has spilled out into her personal life in regard to whole-food, plant-based (vegan) nutrition, a regular exercise regime, and wholistic, natural wellbeing. She has undertaken courses, seminars, and read countless journal articles and books on these topics. The personal experience of mental and physical health being transformed by simple lifestyle changes have formed the foundation from which Amelia communicates with colleagues, teachers, students, and parents.


I love the impact that changing the way you think about or conceptualise things alters so much in brain development, and by extension your actions.’


Amelia has a passion for travel, and has lived and worked in Jerusalem and Nazareth in Israel, as well as travelling to other countries and universities for collaboration on projects. This is a central goal for her pushing on into the future; to continue to travel and proliferate research that is high-standard yet simple, restorative and transformative, and most importantly, practical enough to implement every day.




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