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Erykah Wright


Addiction Recovery Coach / Mental Health & AOD Counsellor /

Holistic & Wellness Therapist & Educator





Hailing from a corporate background, working for many Fortune 100’s, Erykah transitioned into studying beauty, body and holistic therapies in 1999. With significant experience in human resource management for wellness centres and retreats, she moved on to found the world’s first and foremost leading spa, health and wellness recruitment agency, establishing 8 global offices as the preferred provider for 5-star hotels, premium retreat and resort chains worldwide.


Erykah is visionary and entrepreneurial and her skills are diverse, including recruitment, human resource and spa operations management, holistic health, detox & wellness retreats, retail sales, sales & business development, personality profiling, aesthetics, physiology, lecturing and workplace training and assessment.



Erykah spent most of her life gravitating towards ‘hard problems’ in life. What bought her the most pain became her finest teacher – losing several family members, almost losing her husband to bacterial meningitis in a very short space of time and suffering with deep grief, depression and painful addictions. As a result, Erykah recognised she needed help and in 2010, checked herself into an integrative residential rehabilitation centre, based in Thailand. This is where her passion was fuelled to expand, not only from her own journey of recovery, grief, loss and divorce, but that of holistic wellness therapies. She has continued to further herself in wellness coaching studies, gaining formal, specialised qualifications in addictions and mental health counselling, to now help others journeying through times of struggle.



Erykah’s favourite quotes of all time are that of Lao Tzu and are those of which has helped her through her darkest times in life and those she lives by:

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful and traumatic endings”
“All human unhappiness, comes from not facing reality squarely, exactly as it is”



Erykah has been able to transform her life with determined resilience co-ordinating corporate wellness programs/retreats, delivering holistic therapies training, and is a Recovery Companion in a leading private addiction/health resort based in Bali. She also engages in ongoing professional development and in 2018, Erykah will have completed her further studies in CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and SMART Recovery Facilitation.



“I take an integrated holistic view to recovery and believe that an integrative wellness model is at the heart of any successful lifelong journey through recovery. My mission at Wellness TV is to apply my deep investigations into addictions & recovery and welcome, accept, invite and bring awareness to this multi-faceted, multi-layered topic of addiction. Our Recovery Hub Community has been created to discover, learn and grow as a community in an un-biased unique creative space about all things related to the causes of addiction, addiction, recovery and mental health wellbeing”



As a single mum – at the absolute CORE of her heart is being a present and inspiring role model for her 10-year-old daughter, Sienna-Monet, whilst trying to navigate the rules of a league Soccer player. #Soccer Mum





I look forward to journeying with you”






Erykah x






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