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Ines Bruins


Wellbeing Consultant | Life coach | Lecturer |

Registered Comprehensive Nurse





Ines Bruins has worked in mental health services for over 25 years across a variety of roles, developing new services to meet the ever-changing needs of people and to promote health and wellbeing. Ines has a depth of experience working hands on with people around their wellbeing, as well lecturing at universities for aspiring new nurses.


Originally from the Netherlands, Ines completed her Bachelors of Nursing in Amsterdam and went on to qualify as a comprehensive registered nurse with a current practising certificate. She is trained in cognitive behaviour therapy, contextual therapy and brief solution focussed therapy. A passion for ongoing learning has led Ines to continue her studies with a Masters in Sociology of Health at the University of Amsterdam and post-graduate qualifications in adult teaching and leadership at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.


Her passion lies with strengthening peoples’ resilience particularly around stressful life stages and events such as managing work and family, (post-) marriage life, relationship and parenting issues. Ines works from a holistic perspective where health encompasses physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Her approach is practical and provides people with tools and tips they can easily apply in daily life so they feel more in control when facing stressful times.

“I have seen many women finding it difficult to manage their full-on life with children, relationships, having a demanding job and trying to be the best they can in all aspects of life but at times juggling too many balls. This will impact on their relationships, their children and job as the worries will kick in when you find it difficult to cope with all the demands”.


Ines runs a coaching practice specifically working with women post marriage and facilitating wellbeing and stress management workshops.

“I love working with women, I have a real passion for using my knowledge and skills to facilitate a process that helps them build personal resilience.”


“Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness” is one of her mantras – In combination with mindfulness and practical tips and tools, Ines works with people to disrupt the often-unhelpful thinking patterns that cause worry and stress, instead, retraining the mind into more constructive thinking processes.”



“Every person comes with their own personal story. Capturing that story, helping people to find what truly matters and building from that foundation is what I love. I focus on what works for people, what are peoples’ strengths and then we discover new ways of coping once we have tackled the stress and worries that are holding them back. I am very much a hands-on practical person and know that life can be demanding and time pressured. I like to give people practical tools to practice in daily life and learn simple mindfulness techniques which can help them enjoy everyday life. Health and wellbeing are very much interlinked concepts and we cannot separate the two. Feeling good is good for your body and feeling healthy and fit is good for the mind”.



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