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Julie McGovern



Counsellor | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coach





Julie McGovern is a qualified and experienced Counsellor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  She is passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food, exercise and their body.  After struggling with her own food, exercise and body image issues for decades, Julie’s intention with her clients is to provide a sense of hope that healing is possible. 



Julie creates a safe, caring and non-judgemental space where women are able to fully express their thoughts and feelings so that Julie can help them to get to the root of the issues that are holding them back in life and causing them to have a dysfunctional relationship with food, exercise and their body.  Julie currently offers counselling sessions which incorporate exercise and nutritional advice via Skype or phone.  She also offers email support in between sessions.








Connect  with Me:

Email:  jcmcgovern@bigpond.com

Phone: 0434 819 337