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Lauren Williams has poured her whole heart and soul into creating real life experience content for like-minded gypsy’s. Inspired by her love for new cultures and passion for global travels, Lauren wanted to create a digital lifestyle go-to that would give her the freedom to live the life she encourages others to follow. Lauren’s style for writing, vlogging and imagery is visionary and is born straight from her heart, filled with love and enduring passion for life itself. Inspired by her individual life experiences, Lauren’s projects help captures the imagination, hopes and dreams of international audiences every day.


Lauren holds a Bachelor of Business degree, specialising in Marketing and is currently studying a Diploma of Italian Language. She is also a qualified and experienced beauty, wellness and holistic therapist, mentor and educator. With an impressive, expanse of industry experience crossing 52 countries over 15 years, there’s no story left untold. Lauren currently travels the world, utilising her diverse skills, working as a training manager for Six Senses Hotels and Resort spas. 


Lauren has travelled extensively working on luxury ships and understands the complexities of a lifestyle of work and travel and adapting to new environments and cultures. Her travel experiences are diverse, spanning from 6-star luxury resorts and spas in the Pacific, sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert to hiking active volcanos in Indonesia and glaciers in New Zealand! She has also attended some of the world’s most famous events and volunteered in developing countries and believes there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Her travelling experiences has allowed her to develop a range of life skills and grow in self-belief, independence, confidence, adaptability and cross-cultural awareness. Lauren believes that the journey of travelling has much to offer in life lessons and self-development. She states that travelling can serve multiple purposes.


‘Not only is travel recreational but it is therapeutic too; relaxing and replenishing for the soul, inspiring and motivating but it can enable us to step out of our comfort zone, confront our fears, face new challenges, trust ourselves and trust the process.’


Coupled with Laurens insight and professional experience, working for over a decade in the health and wellness industry, she is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing through the process of travel. Her approach to health and wellbeing is unique as she supports and coaches others to enjoy the many positive relaxation and recreational benefits that travel engenders but also to equip and encourage those stepping out to work and travel, moving to new locations, integrating to other cultural environments and trying new experiences.


‘Travelling is like flirting with life, it’s like saying- I would stay and love you but I have to go. This is my station.’ Lisa St Aubin de Teran




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