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Louise Miller



Executive Chef | Wholefood Specialist | Conference Speaker





Nurturing people through food has always been a way of life for Louise. As a qualified chef, currently working in a senior executive chef role at a premium health and wellness centre and private rehabilitation retreat, she has had the privilege of working in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years, using her gifts to nurture others. Through bringing a focus on concepts of ‘community’ and ‘connecting’ to food, Louise loves inviting others to participate in the joy that sharing brings– encouraging variety, balance, fun, creativity and ‘no stress’ along the way.


Louise believes in taking on many, varied opportunities to share her message of love and connection through food. This is reflected in the breadth of her experience, having worked at some of Australia’s top health resorts, exclusive lifestyle/health & wellness retreats, corporate events and tailor designed, personalised ‘cheffing’. She has been hailed as one of Australia’s leading whole food specialists and has cooked with some of Australia’s best chefs, earning her an international reputation in which, she has had the privilege of being invited to cook overseas for specialised whole food events. She’s also presented at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival for two years in a row and delivered personalised cooking lessons, sharing not only her passion for food and health but her wholistic message of food, connection, community and sustainability.


She enjoys fusing healthy food concepts together and believe they all have their place, emphasising that, ‘Balance and harmony is the key’.


Louise values supporting local producers, organic and spray-free farmers whenever possible. Her passion is bigger than wholesome, beautiful food, it’s connection, love and care for the individual’s whole well-being and life journey.


One of Louise’s strengths is her ability to individualise and tailor her approach to meet the specific, unique needs of the individual and is experienced in providing support and encouragement to those in the recovery process, whether it be supporting someone achieve their personal health goals or journeying alongside those experiencing significant health issues or in the addiction recovery process. This is reflected at the heart of Louise’s health message.


‘Food is nourishment to live out your purpose and a way to connect and love others, one morsel at a time’






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