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Luisa Palu is the Founder and Director of ‘Wellness Tv’, leading a dynamic multi-disciplinary team, whose diverse skills, perspectives and life experiences offers a ‘collective wisdom’, relating to a range of current and relevant topics.


Luisa has an eclectic professional background, initially starting her career as a qualified teacher (B.Ed,DipTchg) and then transitioning into psychology with a (PgDipHSc), leadership roles and international development (PgDipIntDvt). Her eighteen years of counselling experience is diverse having specialised in both cognitive behavioural therapy and dual diagnosis and is a trained sand play, narrative, grief and child trauma therapist. She is experienced in dealing with complex issues and has led multi-disciplinary teams working alongside adults and children impacted by addiction, trauma and domestic violence.


Not only is Luisa, experienced in delivering transformational seminars and therapeutic programs but she has a flair for innovation, having led and pioneered the development of a range of psycho-educational, personal and professional development programs. This has enabled her to combine her passion for education and counselling by writing curriculum for various services to promote a range of skills including communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, group and family dynamics, relaxation strategies, resilience building, raising emotional intelligence and social competencies.


Luisa is passionate about equipping and encouraging women to recognise their potential and ability to affect positive change in their lives, families and communities. This has led her to volunteer her time and resources, supporting small grassroots projects in various developing communities and delivering empowerment, leadership and spiritual development seminars in a range of contexts. Coupled with her spirit of adventure, this work has taken her to the bustling hub of Uganda, Syrian refugees in Jordan, deep into the Jungle of West Borneo and rural India.


She credits much of her insight and knowledge has been informed by her own personal experiences with childhood trauma, PTSD, depression and emotional eating in her teens. She states that,

‘Much of my journey to wholeness is not through traditional models for health and wellbeing but lies in the spiritual dimension of my life. This has been a journey of faith, navigating and finding my own personal breakthrough.’


Luisa has overcome many life obstacles to become the self-empowered, thriving, happy and optimistic mother of two, she is today. She believes she is the fruit of her own message and authentically lives a message of hope and resilience, by example.


Luisa also acknowledges her multi-ethnic Polynesian background has provided her with a strong foundation for valuing ‘Community connectedness’, which she believes is an essential and an increasingly important aspect to health and wellbeing.

‘Degradation of community living in our society, has left many isolated and lacking in systems of support. The healing and restorative power of being connected to positive relationships and a supportive community is vital and has enabled me to face the many challenges that many women are experiencing today.’


Luisa’s unique perspective from both professional and ‘real-life’ experiences has birthed her vision for ‘Wellness Tv’, to provide a multi-layered, wholistic approach to health and wellbeing. She states that our health is connected to a number of factors and research continues to consolidate this, reflecting the significant impact of various stressors on the physical body. This reinforces the need for Wholistic approaches to health and wellbeing where focus is placed on the mind, body, soul & spirit dimensions of the individual, providing practical strategies to address ‘here and now’ life issues, while also cultivating a lifestyle and support systems conducive to positive health outcomes.


‘My hope is that as we share in this journey and collectively press in together, we will cultivate a movement of women, intent on building thriving lives for ourselves and our families and in doing so, we will do what we do best, and that is, transform our communities.’



Much love



Luisa x





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