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As a young 20-year-old home-owner who was recently married, Ruby is the embodiment of an unconventional and rather rare Gen-Z young adult. She admits that she does not know it all; however, she acknowledges that through various experiences and personal accomplishments, she has gained a thorough awareness of common struggles and pressures her generation not only face, but must learn to live with.


Growing up in the thick of the social media and internet craze, she not only battled her own frightening issues but witnessed the battles of her peers also. She knows all too well the unique pressures and challenges Gen-Zs must learn to navigate; however, from her journey, she has also become aware of practical life skills that, if taught to more young people, would help address a lot of the issues they primarily fall victim to.


After finishing school with an OP 2 (equivalent to a 97 ATAR result), Ruby is currently studying in her desired field of Youth Work after exploring, in her words, “an overwhelming range of career options”. She is also working as a youth pastor, youth communicator and youth events manager. Additionally, she is a Maths and English tutor, enjoys working on creative projects in her spare time, and loves all things innovative and cutting-edge that break the status quo.


“If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the last few years of my life, it’s that success isn’t always what people tell you it is. A lot of the major voices in our culture (TV, social media, corporate marketing, celebrities etc.) show young people a very shallow and misleading version of personal success and happiness, that simply cannot reap the holistic well-being all humans desire. Additionally, I believe there’s a large gap in the current education system in regard to teaching practical life skills that truly address the plethora of issues Generation-Z face (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, eating disorders, etc.). In saying this, my passion is to help young people see the truth about some of the destructive, misleading philosophies that our polluted culture promotes by helping them see there’s a more wholesome way to approach life.”





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