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Sam Smeaton



Wildlife and Nature Photographer | Freelance Artist | Massage Therapist 





Sam Smeaton is a Visual Media contributor for our Blogs and Website. Many of her photos grace the front of our Hubs and ‘covers’ for our clips. Being a Wildlife and Nature photographer from the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland, she works as a Freelance Artist hoping to raise awareness of the Natural World and the many treasures it holds, bringing awe, joy, wonder and a life source to humanity.



Previously working at Australia zoo and Currumbin sanctuary she hopes to share  her passion for  the wilderness, light and beauty through the eye of the camera.



‘I feel most alive when I am surrounded completely by Nature, with no human impact at all. For me, there is so much Peace in the world of nature and I hope that I can capture that awe, wonder, stillness and peace from my lens so you can experience that too.’




Sam xx


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