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As a proud mother of three beautiful children and a proud Aussie Ghanaian, Susan is passionate about uplifting, empowering and inspiring others. From a very early age, Susan had a sense of ‘knowing’ that she came on this earth to make her corner of the world a better place. She is a descendant of healers, with both her grandfather’s being heads of churches, so she grew up knowing that she would engage in some form of healing through her life journey.


Susan immigrated to Australia as a young adult to study ‘Business’. She states that, ‘As much as it was exciting, I missed familiar foods, places, faces and sounds. I found it hard to understand the system and was looking for someone to guide me and answer my many questions.’ As a response to these needs as new immigrants, Susan’s future husband and a group of fellow Ghanaians decided to create a network of people (Ghanaians and lovers of Ghana), to help support fellow new immigrants integrate into Australia. Susan became part of the original group that formed and founded ‘The Ghana Association’ in 1996, with the first meeting being held at International House (the residential college that Susan once resided) and is now one of the largest and longstanding immigrant associations within Australia. Susan and her husband continue to be active participants in the association to this day having helped establish a legacy that continues to provide information for members on useful contacts, upcoming events, Ghana news, social interaction and most importantly to create a sense of community.


These rich yet challenging experiences of transitioning to a new culture has inspired Susan to support others on their journey to adapting to their new environment. She credits Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote as summing up her life purpose,


“If I can help somebody as I pass along; If I can cheer somebody with a word or song; If I can tell somebody he’s travelling wrong; then my living shall not be in vain.”


Two years ago, Susan went through a pivotal life experience, which led to a nervous breakdown, where she hit rock bottom and had no interest in participating in ‘earth school’ anymore. Through that experience, she pressed in, to actively seek and find her purpose and she decreed to herself that her experience wouldn’t be in vain so she nursed herself back to living a passionate, fun and energetic life. She employed a life coach, who through questioning, teased out her dream of helping people identify their unique skills, gifts and talents and to bless others.


Susan has received much insight into generational trauma and family dynamics through her own healing journey, attending numerous healing workshops for her own self development and besides successfully completing a business degree (B.Bus), she has also completed a counselling diploma and now has her own life coaching practise.


‘I started life coaching because I want to gift people the ability to uncover their unique talents. I believe we all came here for a purpose, while our purpose might not necessarily be within our vocation, it is important to embrace our own unique gifts.’


Susan’s personal journey of transforming her life from hopelessness to hope, has inspired Susan’s’ favourite message,


“Please remember to turn your light on and let nothing shake you from your greatness!”





Susan xx





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