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Dare to Be You



Dare to Be You



Emotional Eating Transformation Program




We have a genuine heart for helping women experience complete freedom from unhelpful patterns and to live their ultimate life – not the life that someone else picks for them; the life that they know would light them up and fulfil them to the very core of their being.  Everyone deserves this life. Let us help you attain it!



Through this program we will….



  • Help you to clearly clarify ‘why’ moving beyond the negative cycle is so important. This will help to keep you focused as you let go of behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Guide you as you move from where you are now to where you want to be.  The middle is messy but we will be with you every step of the way.
  • Provide support, encouragement, structure and accountability as you navigate your way out of negative patterns
  • Inspire you to take action in the direction of your goals
  • Support you wholeheartedly as you journey deeper into self love and self acceptance 




This Program comes with a ‘Dare to Be You’ E-Workbook



  • E-Workbook jam packed full of Tools and Strategies (117 pages)
  • Easy to use with real-life, practical application
  • Can be used like a journal, with weekly exercises and space to complete your weekly entries
  • Written by a Counsellor/Health Coach who has both professional and personal experience of moving beyond destructive cycles of emotional eating 




Our Emotional Eating Transformation Programs are….



  • Delivered in several different ways to cater to your lifestyle, your budget and your needs!
  • Facilitated by two Recovery Coaches Julie McGovern (program creator) and Luisa Palu who have the added bonus of not only being qualified, experienced counselors but they both have walked through their own personal healing journeys and now champion others to do the same!




    12 Week Program Outline



    Week 1


    Getting Started

    My Journey

    Your Journey

    Looking into Your Past

    Negative Memories

    Negative Memories Worksheet

    Week 2


    Forgiveness Worksheet

    The Process of Forgiveness

    Forgiveness Pledge


    Guilt Worksheet

    Week 3

    Do You Have an Issue with Emotional Eating?

    The Process of Overcoming Emotional Eating

    How Ready are You to Change?

    Change Worksheet

    Week 4

    How do you Measure Your Worth and Value?

    Life Balance Worksheet

    Compensatory Behaviours

    Is Your Body in Starvation Mode?

    What is Healthy Eating?

    How to Overcome Emotional Eating

    Week 5

    Noticing Your Eating Behaviours

    Eating Behaviour Record

    A Flexible Yet Structured Eating Plan

    Eating Plan

    Your Eating Plan

    Week 6

    Strategies to Prevent Emotional Eating

    Barriers to Letting Go

    Food Experiments

    Food Experiment Worksheet

    Week 7

    Automatic Thoughts

    Rational – Irrational Beliefs Questionnaire

    Challenging Your Irrational Beliefs Worksheet

    Challenging Your Negative Core Beliefs Worksheet

    Week 8

    Overwhelming Feelings & Emotions





    Week 9

    Body Image


    Goal Setting

    Goal & Action Worksheet

    Week 10

    Problem Solving Worksheet

    Problem Solving Action Plan


    Challenging Your Rules Worksheet

    Week 11


    Personal Qualities Worksheet

    Who are You? Worksheet


    Values Worksheet

    Values Reminder

    Week 12

    Conclusion & Final Review





Choose the Program that best suits you!



  •  The 12 week E-Coaching Program: 


    • Our E-coaching program provides weekly interaction with our Recovery Coaches electronically
    • Receive your user friendly ‘Dare to Be You’ Workbook Via Email 
    • Work through your workbook weekly and upload your entries/exercises to your Coach as you go. 
    • This program is highly interactive, allowing you to have ongoing support, guidance and feedback  via email as you work through our workbook!
    • Cost =$300



    The 12 Week (Face to Face) Coaching program 



    • This Coaching program provides online, face to face, weekly interaction with our Recovery Coaches 
    • Total of 12 Sessions over 12 Weeks 
    • 10 x  1 hr Coaching sessions (The first and last 1/2 hr sessions are free! )
    • This Program is delivered by experienced Recovery Coach: Julie McGovern. (Check out her uplifting story out of emotional eating here)
    • Work through weekly, real-life application exercises with your Coach, using our ‘Dare to Be You’ Workbook
    • Receive consistent Holistic support and accountability 
    • Cost = $1000 (Note, this can be paid in 3 instalments of $400)



    Laser Coaching 



    • This Coaching program provides ongoing brief interaction with our Recovery Coaches over a 6 month period
    • Brief Coaching sessions no longer than 15 mins via phone, video messenger, Skype or Zoom.  Total of approximately 5hrs of contact (or as negotiated)
    • Contact arrangements are flexible as this program caters for you to receive brief support (weekly, fortnightly or sporadically) when needed. 
    • Work through the ‘Dare to Be You’ Workbook exercises at your own pace over a 6 month period, making brief contact with your coach as required 
    • Receive consistent Holistic support and ongoing accountability 
    • This Program is delivered by experienced Recovery Coaches: Julie McGovern and Luisa Palu. 
    • Cost = $500 




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