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Ethical Fashion// Charlotte Kingi




Clip 1 – Charlotte Kingi on Ethical Fashion (Part 1/2)

Ever wondered where your clothes actually come from? In this ep, Charlotte Kingi explains to us the harsh reality of unethical clothing production and unfortunately just how common it is. Charlotte recently launched her own online clothing boutique consisting of ethical pieces for the everyday young woman – check it out at http://www.forallstudio.co.


Clip 2 – Charlotte Kingi on Ethical Fashion (Part 2/2)

In this episode, Charlotte tells us about her new online clothing boutique selling only ethical items for the everyday young woman – check it out at www.forallstudio.co. The ethical fashion movement is become bigger and more prevalent, and I believe we should each do all we can to support not only our own style interests but the health and wellbeing of others.



*For more on Ethical Fashion, check out Rubys blogpost on this topic.



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