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How Coffee can build Community



We had the privilege of speaking with Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o, the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including being made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Emmeline is the director of ‘Affirming Works’, an organisation that provides mentoring to children and youth in Auckland and has also founded ‘Fofola Consultancy’ to assist government groups with creating culturally appropriate policies.


Alongside her husband, Emmeline established a number of community cafes in New Zealand and a coffee business in Tonga, restoring 10 cooperative farms. This is a family owned and operated business, producing ‘Tupu’anga Coffee’ an ethical trade product made up of 100% Arabica beans. It is grown, harvested and produced in Tonga, and provides sustainability to families and communities living there. The profits of the business are reinvested in to the delivery of Affirming Works programmes, providing mentoring to around 400 children and their families each year.



For further information, please click the link: http://www.affirmingworks.org.nz


For more on how coffee builds community- check out Emmelines TedTalk: Yes!  Coffee builds community | Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o | TEDxManukau




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