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The Empowerment Program to



Awaken your Call and Access your Power




This program is a…. Call to Women



*Who are tired of ‘running’ and want to get off the treadmill
*No longer feeling centred
*Feel like they’re ‘off track’ from their true heart desires
*Looking to be in alignment with their call and life purpose
*Sense they’re under-potentialised
*Want to unlock their inner power and giftings
*Want HELP- (Hello Eternal Loving Presence)
*Looking for spiritual guidance and direction



 So often, many of us journey through life and…. we lose our way. The path no longer seems so clear or we find ourselves off the ‘original path’ of what we’d envisioned for our lives, leaving us discouraged, disillusioned, exhausted or simply unfulfilled. This program aims to support you FIND your ‘FLOW’ again and the way we do this, is by ‘returning’ to our true identity, accessing what makes us tick and what fuels our soul. We believe that through tapping into your calling or life ‘blueprint’, not only will this bring you back to LIFE on a deep cellular level, impacting your health and well being but will also restore your energy, activate your deep soul desires and AWAKEN your inner power.  Do not settle for living in the shadow of your true beauty. Step in to the fullness of who you are really born to BE.




‘There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born and how you become most truly ALIVE.’

Oprah Winfrey








This 8 week program helps facilitate a journey of transformation, by tapping into spiritual keys and ancient ‘wisdom’ to awaken your calling and accessing your true power. This is a program that recognises, we all have a life purpose and life blueprint that is encoded in our true identity- the design, yearnings and desires of our soul and spirit are already there. Its just a matter of awakening, activating our gifts and talents and walking in alignment with the rhythm of our unique ‘song’. 




Program Overview


Week 1 + 2: Deep Listening


  • Cultivating the art of Deep Listening. Listening and Sensing, atmosphere, energy,  feelings, thoughts and body
  • Leaning into my Intuition and acting on what it’s communicating
  • Observing and Listening for the signs of God/the Creator/The Great Spirit speaking to me
  • Recognising the messages that God/the Creator/the Great Spirit is sending  me through my own unique ‘language’,  signs and through others 
  • Activation: Putting steps and action to the direction I’m sensing
  • Establishing my daily rituals and practise 


Meditation: ‘Listening to my soul and spirit’
Meditation: ‘Listening to the Great Spirit’

Prayer:  I access HELP (Hello Eternal Loving Presence)



Week 3 + 4 : Creating an Uplifting Tribe


  • The key to attracting other like minded souls
  • Recognising Energy and Resonance in relationships  
  • Cleansing the toxic circle (What to look for?) Acknowledging the relationships who’ve ‘run their course’ or no longer support your ‘RISING’
  • Tools for managing the turbulence- transitioning to new or ‘next level’ relationships and circles. 
  • Creating fusion in life purpose. Keys to aligning with the ‘right’ people, at the right place, at the right time


Meditation: ‘I thank those who entered my path for a purpose and the lessons they gave’ (Releasing those I’m no longer in rhythm with)
Meditation: ‘I usher in my tribe’

Prayer: I surrender to change in my relationships. I call forth my uplifting tribe



Week 5 + 6: Embracing our Unique Identity


  • Aligning with our unique blueprint: ‘The Design is already there’
  • Shifting into the power of Self Love and Self Acceptance
  • Bloom where you’re planted
  • ‘The Plan is in place’
  • Connecting with what lights you up and makes you feel ALIVE
  • The power of Visioning, Intention and Desire in the art of Manifestation


Meditation:Aligning with the Creators Design’ (Self Acceptance)
Meditation: ‘Connecting with what makes me come Alive’

Affirmation: I surrender to the Creators design for my life. I step into alignment with my true blueprint and I activate my design, calling and life purpose for the NOW season of my life. Today I AM.



Week 7 + 8: Tapping into Power


  • Recognising my Inner Power (to self sabotage, to create or to excel)
  • Connecting to my Inner Power (and strengthening this ‘muscle’)
  • Activating my Inner Power: Tools and exercises to unlock what’s hidden, repressed or undernourished
  • Tapping into the Source of ‘Great Power’ and cultivating a daily practise to Hear and Receive
  •  Tapping into Power that is available around me: Finding the right Mentor, Nurturer or Spiritual Guide


Meditation: ‘Connecting to the Power within me’

Meditation: ‘Connecting to Great Power available to me’


Affirmation: I am Powerful.  I have everything I need to walk in the FULLNESS of who I am and to outwork the unique blueprint for my life.









This program is delivered in several different ways, depending on what suits your lifestyle, budget or personality.



So…Choose the Program that best suits you!



  •  The 8 week E-Coaching Program: 


    • Our E-coaching program provides weekly ‘wisdom’ and interaction with your Coach electronically
    • Receive your user friendly affirmations, prayers, meditations, video links and focus exercises via Email 
    • Work through specific  activities (or tasks) weekly and upload your entries/exercises to your Coach as you go. 
    • This program is highly interactive, allowing you to have ongoing support, guidance and feedback  via email as you work through our program
    • Cost =$250



    The 8 Week (Face to Face) Coaching program 



    • This Coaching program provides online, face to face, weekly interaction with our Coaches 
    • Total of 8 Sessions over 8 Weeks 
    • 8 x  1 hr Coaching sessions (The first 1/2 hr and last follow-up sessions are free! )
    • This Program is delivered by experienced Counsellor, Spiritual Coach: Luisa Palu. (Check out her uplifting story of the power of having a sense of calling and life purpose  here)
    • Work through weekly, real-life application exercises with your Coach
    • Receive consistent Holistic support and accountability 
    • Cost = $800 (Note, this can be paid in 4 instalments of $200)



    Laser Coaching 



    • This Coaching program provides ongoing brief interaction with your Coach over a 6 month period
    • Brief Coaching sessions no longer than 15 mins via phone, video messenger, Skype or Zoom.  Total of approximately 5hrs of contact (or as negotiated)
    • Contact arrangements are flexible as this program caters for you to receive brief support (weekly, fortnightly or sporadically) when needed. 
    • Work through the program and exercises at your own pace over a 6 month period, making brief contact with your coach as required 
    • Receive consistent Holistic support and ongoing accountability 
    • This Program is delivered by experienced Counsellor and Coach: Luisa Palu. 
    • Cost = $500 




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See You Soon! 


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