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Have you ever just gone into the bush or forest and just stood completely still? Senses alert? Slowly becoming aware of the myriad of movements made by all the insects and plants buzzing and swaying around you? Suddenly feeling as if you too, are an integral part of the web of life that surrounds. Awareness Grows. and Swells. Breathing in …. and out….




Energy runs through your human form and connects you. Bare feet is Good! Walking on the Earth and feeling her heartbeat as you breathe. This Completeness, this Awareness that is embracing you,  in THIS Moment, Right Now, is so Real. This Aliveness is Life itself <3




I feel such a Respect for all of Nature, and what she offers us in terms of protection, shelter, water, food and life force, We can learn so much if we just stop all of our busyness and appreciate Gods creation! Going into Nature and really feeling, can boost your energy levels and induce a solid feeling of well-being and connectedness, which many of us do not feel in our everyday lives on a regular basis.


Consider the endless possibilities of Natures gifts to us. When was the last time you ventured into Nature? 



Love Sam X

Nature Photographer

Nov Blogpost. 17





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