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Global village. Are we…REALLY?

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Globalisation is at the core of why our world is rapidly becoming a ‘global village’. This can be described at a broad level as ‘an increase in the impact on human activities of forces that span national boundaries. These activities can be economic, social, cultural, political, technological or even biological.’ (Goldin & Reinert, 2012). Sounds technical but simply put, globalisation is about the increase of interconnectivity we have globally. 


This global market has created an increasingly borderless world where trade, the exchange of information and ideas, communication, travel and migration is much easier and quicker than ever before. Pronk, (2009) describes this phenomenon as a ‘24/7 real time economy’ in which the world’s civilization has become ‘one world’. No place in the world can remain isolated or untouched by the dynamics of our global interconnectivity and the forces of overarching global processes. Time and space appear unhindered as human activities become closer connected across geographical locations and time zones….and all of this…it IS amazing. I love that I can skype or video messenger people around the world at anytime and I mean ANY time.  I love that I can travel to distant lands and still manage to use my mobile!!! But…. yes, there’s a but…and a big sigh…


While globalisation has quickly spread and for many of us, there’s so many great benefits… sadly at the heart of it, is this desire to consume. Consume, consume, consume. Don’t get me wrong, I see myself as a contemporary woman. I like to buy beautiful things. I like to have beautiful things. Consumerism however is becoming embedded in the norms and ‘psyche’ of many cultures and I too am culprit, to being part of this BIG machine, that’s always hungry and never tires of running and… running and…


My issue isn’t with globalisation per say, its more about how as a culture we are moving more and more away from conscious living. I mean true conscious, wide awake living….


Some would argue that although globalisation has brought about greater connection, at the same time its brought about a greater disconnection. A contradiction right? Seem Confused? While globalisation has brought about the spread of business, communication and trading and this means we’re more ‘connected’ now then ever…this consumption machine has meant that we’re buying products made in different parts of the world and oftentimes as consumers, we can be disconnected from the communities, people and places that are creating these products…. and the sad things is this- behind the scenes, there is sometimes gross exploitation, even child exploitation, unethical and unsanitary work conditions, negligent environmental impacts… and the list goes on… 


However, I’d like to shift away from the abyss of ‘ugly’ because if I examine the negatives, it can seem like this ‘giant’ issue but if we place the emphasis back on us, as consumers…well we’re pretty powerful actually! There is what I refer to as a ‘new breed’ rising, a generation of people who’re mobilising for positive change globally, who may not protest verbally, who consider themselves far from radical, who aren’t activists but WILL vote with their wallets. These people are what I believe is the wide awake, conscious consumer. They want their choices as a consumer to be ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.  They are the quiet activist, engaging in a silent but powerful form of activism because… the world of business revolves around money and profit and we are in control of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we give our money to. Ethical consumerism to me is about being part of a global village, recognising that we’re connected to others and that we share this beautiful earth. It is a form of compassionate living, caring for our land, our planet and the people who make the ‘stuff’ we enjoy and benefit from. 


So here we are, are we really engaged and actively, consciously part of a global village? Only you can answer that for yourself… Are you?  





Luisa xx



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