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Senzen Headache Relief



Senzen is a combination of 100% Pure essential Oils and Natural Herbal Oils for the temporary relief of Headaches and Migraines brought on by Stress, Tension, Anxiety or Fatigue.


Senzen can be used for:

  • Relieving  headaches and migraines brought on by stress and tension.

  • Ease sore legs after long journey.

  • Calming against impending anxiety attacks.

  • Travel companion for travel and motion sickness.

  • The fragrance helps calm the senses.

  • Temporary relief muscular aches and pain.

  • Relax Muscle spasms.

  • Gives uplifting sensation.

  • Relax the body and mind at night before sleep.

  • Relives aching muscles from physical work.

  • Eases lower back tension by relaxing the muscles.

  • Sore stiff shoulders in front of the Computer or desk.

  • Uplifting and refreshing when tired.

  • Clears brain fog when need to concentrate.

All Natural and Chemical FREE and Never tested on animals

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A portable, convenient product to carry in your bag or while travelling. Senzen comes in a small lipstick size pump dispenser which dispense one measured dose per pump.


Senzen is most effective if applied before the onset of a headache and can be applied as frequently as whenever relief is required. The application of the oil at the back of the neck and shoulder will give you a warm tingling sensation similar to that of a heat pack. As the oil gives off a hot/cold sensation, it also penetrates through the skin into the muscles to relax tension and muscle spasms brought on by stress and fatigue.


Continual use will help decrease the regularity of headaches as well as reducing the severity of headaches when it strikes.




Peppermint, Melissa, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, White Camphor, Mentol Crystals, with infused oil of Chamomile and Valerian root.




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