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Blessing Oil Collection

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The Blessing Oil Collection Includes:

4 x 7 ml bottles of ORGANIC 100% PURE essential oils

Frankincense, Helichrysum, Rose Geranium, Peppermint

100% chemical free, vegan and imbued with love and good vibrations


Australian Owned and Made


The Blessing Oil Collection of 4 x 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS are specifically designed to be used for spiritual well-being


This wonderful Blessing collection has been created to enhance reflection, deep contemplation, stillness, meditation and for clearing, shifting and purifying atmosphere. In addition to this, it can be used for blessing people, places, spaces, prayer, mediation and to enhance spiritual practise and healing. We’ve identified these specific ancient oils because of their spiritual use, their medicinal benefits and their high frequency. Frankincense-Spiritual Purity ‘ is revered as a special spiritual oil, believed to heighten intuition and spiritual connection, while the rare ancient oil- Helichrysum  is emotionally uplifting and raises your energy – Arise Phoenix. Energy Shift (Peppermint) is an energising and rejuvenating oil, intended to raise your vibrational frequency while also shifting the external environment to cultivate spiritual cleansing or to shift negative energy. Manifest Blessing -Rose Geranium is a fantastic multi-purpose oil to help rebalance the nervous system, lift your mood and your spirit and can be used for detoxifying and  supporting release.


Imbued with positive intention and healing prayer, these oils serve to enhance the natural energetic field of the essential oil to promote relaxation, release, healing and well-being. Every oil has been blessed and can be used for spiritual purposes to anoint, cleanse, purify, bless, promote healing, enrich prayer and meditation and shift spiritual atmosphere.



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