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Brave little Bear Book Series



The Brave Little Brave Little Bear Book Series is designed to equip both children and the family with self-protective behaviours. The author, Xenia Schembri is a qualified counsellor and pastor who brings an in depth perspective to  this sensitive topic, through her own personal experience of parenting children who were abused and through her own family’s journey to heal.

Book 1, is for 3 to 7-year-olds – this book tells Brave Little Bear’s story, Book 2, is for 6 to preteens to equip and empower them, and book 3 is for Adults where Brave little Bear writes a brave letter to safe bears.


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The Brave Little Bear series affirms to children that there is nothing so big that you can’t share with a safe person. This series broaches an often taboo topic with such skill and  sensitivity, serving to equip children and families with self protective behaviours. It also provides a tool for those who work with children to communicate a message that may be invaluable to a vulnerable child in your class, counselling, health or social services. It is written in rhyming form and in a language in which children can not only understand but also involves a lovable bear as it’s central character which many children can relate to.   


‘Not a huge amount of people in my world would know my families story, but it’s one of seriously major abuse, brokenness and pain, it’s also one of restoration and strength. Incredibly proud of my mum, launching her books to teach young children and adults how to recognise abuse. Many children have no idea when they are in an abusive situation as they are often made to feel it is their fault, and it’s by someone they love and trust. Sadly adults often have no idea how to recognise symptoms of an abused child. If an adult in my world would have been able to recognise the symptoms in my behaviour (many suspected and questioned, but did nothing for fear), then as a little girl I could have been saved a world of pain, along with my siblings. These books teach both the child and the adults to recognise what’s normal, not quite right, wrong and worth reporting! These books could have saved years of pain in our lives, but through our tragedy, the books were born and they could potentially save many, many children from the pain and consequences to this kind of abuse.’


Gemma Schembri (daughter of the author)



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