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Energy Oil Collection

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The Energy Collection Includes:

3 x 7 ml bottles of ORGANIC 100% PURE essential oils

Helichrysum, Peppermint, Lemon

100% chemical free, vegan and imbued with love and good vibrations


Australian Owned and Made




The Energy Oil Collection of 3 x 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS specifically targets your ENERGY. 


This dynamic Energy Collection maximises the specific benefits of these essential oils, specially selected to boost your energy, enhance your mood, calm your nervous system, reduce anxiety and depression and uplift your energetic frequency  both within and in your external environment. In using the rare oil Helichrysum to target emotional exhaustion and burnout, coupled with the energising and rejuvenating properties of Peppermint and Lemon, this vibrant collection of oils serves to raise and shift your energy.  


Imbued with positive intention and healing prayer, these oils aim to enhance the natural energetic field of the essential oil to promote relaxation, release, healing and well-being. Every oil has been blessed and can be used for spiritual purposes to anoint, cleanse, purify, bless, promote healing, enrich prayer and meditation and shift spiritual atmosphere.


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