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Karani Bunpi


This manual outlines the ‘know how’- the bulkawilidjie- the routine that goes with Women’s ceremony in Channel Country. It has been written for First Australian Women, children and their supporters.¬†


‘Karani Bunpi, Living Women’s Sacred Ceremonies’ is a manual that records First Australian Women’s daily spiritual life in the Channel Country. It is based on the published and non-published research and lifes’ work of A.M. Duncan Kemp (material that was recorded¬† over one hundred years ago), with the intention- to keep as much of aboriginal heritage and traditional life alive, particularly in areas where much was lost due to ‘Invasion’. It has been described as invaluable for anthropological research and provides useful insights on the ‘how to’s’ of various ceremonies.

*Note 50% of the proceeds from the sales of this book goes towards an environmental charity called ‘The Rainforest Peace Centre Inc’ as part of Wellness Tv’s mission to support and promote sustainability, including positive ways of interacting with land and country.¬†


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