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‘Naked I Stand’ Book



‘Naked I stand- The healing Journey’ is a book  for those on a healing pilgrimage, seeking spiritual keys for breakthrough and transformation. Christine Wren James writes intuitively and with raw honesty about the sensitive topics of sexual brokenness, domestic violence, co-dependency and what she describes as emotional autism. Much of her insight and experience comes from personal experience and she acts as a beacon of inspiration for those pursuing healing, breakthrough and transformation through prayer and connecting to the loving heart of God. 


This book is sold individually or can be purchased as a set- which includes a practical workbook.  


Book Contents:

Chapter 1: Touchy Feely, but mainly Touchy

Chapter 2: Emotional Autism

Chapter 3: The Shame Drain

Chapter 4: The Rejection Slip

Chapter 5: Identity: Missing Persons

Chapter 6: Offence: Being Scandalised

Chapter 7: Sexual Abuse: Space Invaders

Chapter 8: Misogyny: Men Who Hate Women

Chapter 9: Gender Healing

Chapter 10: Co-dependency: An addictive Process

Chapter 11: Shadow- Light: Out of Delusion

Chapter 12: With My Whole Heart


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