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“Naked I Stand’ Workbook



‘Naked I stand- The healing Journey’ workbook is a practical guide for those on a healing pilgrimage, seeking faith based, spiritual keys for breakthrough and transformation. It is an accompaniment to the book “Naked I stand: the Healing Journey’ which explores sensitive topics of sexual brokenness, domestic violence, co-dependency and what the author describes as emotional autism. This workbook is best used by those in sexual abuse recovery or those facilitating the process of healing from the deep wounds of sexual abuse.


This workbook is sold individually or can be purchased as a set, with the book. 

The workbook is an easy-to-use resource book of ten sessions, using creative activations of art, writing and collage building, as well as prayer and discussion to bring complete breakthrough and healing for those wanting to facilitate or participate in a structured sexual abuse recovery process. 


Workbook Contents:

Session 1: Sharing the Story, Sharing the Pain

Session 2: Emotional Autism: Breaking the Silence

Session 3: Removing Shame

Session 4: Healing the Child Within

Session 5: The Outworkings of Sexual Abuse

Session 6: Misogyny the Dishonouring of Women

Session 7: Naming the Abusers

Session 8: Co-dependency: An addictive Process

Session 9: Approaching Forgiveness

Session 10: Who am I? Women of Worth Workbook

For Facilitators- In Closing

Guidelines for Facilitators


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