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Solar Charger

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Long lasting, High Capacity Solar Charger

  • Suitable for nearly all kinds of Mobile phones and Digital products which have USB cable connector
  • Charging for iphone, ipad, ipod, cellphones, GPS, PSP, PDA, DC, DV, MP3, MP4 and some tablets
  • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
  • With a precise IC protector to safely avoid over charging, over discharging and short circuits
  • An intelligent power managing solution, soft switch button, steady and high efficiency
  • Providing several different charging adaptors.  Compatible with almost each kind of mobile phone and digital products with USB function


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Power your device with a Solar charger!


The main benefit of using a solar charger is that you do not require an electrical power source to charge your device. It’s extremely handy for outdoor activities, allowing you to remain connected with your friends and family members when you are out of home and do not have a power source to charge your device, making it useful for camping, going on picnics, road trips or travelling to remote or undeveloped areas. You can find the sun pretty much anywhere on Earth during the daytime. So, if you find yourself spending the day hiking to a scenic spot or are lost in the bush with a dead cell phone, you need only the sun’s rays to get it up and running again.


The great benefit of a solar charger is that it is environmentally friendly as solar cells generate no emissions, waste or byproducts. This makes it a sustainable option for those who want to keep their electricity usage minimal, reduce emissions or seeking an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  


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